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I decided at last to live and work with this wonderful breed the Border Collie so I can understand them and their unique qualities. Quellyane King Dasher (Dash) is coming to a home where he will be loved and appreciated. I am really looking forward to start working with Dash the SPECIAL ONE so that he can do it all. The Border Collie is a breed for working ability, good temperament, health, drive and good structure and that is the reason I went to Katia Thienpondt of Quellyane Border Collies the home of many champtions whoes moto is brains and beauty to get Quellyane King Dasher (Dash). You will find Quellyane Border Collies all over the World, participating in an array of activities and I am deligheted that Katia has given me a very special boy in Dash.

Border Collie

Rough Collies

Dromtane Collies is situated in Southern Ireland. I have been showing Rough Collies since 2000. My first Rough Collie was got from Peter Farrell (Belrans All In Gold---Millie). .I showed Millie for about a year but had little success with her. Although Millie was not a success in the >show ring, she is a big success in my eyes. Millie is now thirteen years young and she tells me she will be around for another twelve.

I then purchased a Rough Collie puppy from Lynn Kilby (Lyndi Mad Talk---Pepsi). Pepsi has done very well in the show ring and has two points to her credit.
Pepsi is the most intelligent girl you could ever meet and has such a beautiful personality.

I then went to England and purchased two Collie puppies from Alison Grainger (Samhaven). I got a Collie dog puppy(Samhaven Soulmate ----Soul) and a bitch Collie puppy (Samhaven Freyja ----Frey). Both of these Collies puppies again have done very well in the ring. Sadely Soul has gone from this life but we will meet again for sure. Frey is now enjoying the home life.

My youngest Rough Collie boy is Magic. Magic is now four years old. For such a young puppy he is doing outstanding well and has had great success in the show ring. Magic has six GREEN STARS, one short in becoming an Irish Chamption, two Reverse Best of Breed, three Reverse GREEN STARS and two BOB at open shows. His results are shown in the News section of this site. Magic is a Tricolore Rough Collie and is a very high quality show CollieM.

Just one look at Magic and he takes my breath away: